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Marketing & Sales Statement

Marketing & Sales Statements

1. RZI Netherlands sends goods to its clients based on agreed price, which by standard is a price per KG and based in C&F at the Client’s port.

2. Payments are based on Cash against Scanned Documents. This means the client will receive an email from RZI Netherlands once the cargo has been loaded and has sailed. The client will receive all scanned shipping documents as attachments in that e-mail, including the invoice.

In order to receive the original shipping documents, clients are bound to fulfil the invoice within 5 business days from receiving the email. Once that invoice has been paid, RZI Netherlands’s team will send the original shipping documents per courier to the client for clearance in their port.

3.In the event where the client is not able to meet agreed payment terms then RZI Netherlands is free to sell said cargo/goods to others before free days are over as per terms of shipping lines i.e. 14 days from arrival of cargo at destination port.

4.In the event where the client is not able to meet and respect the agreed payment deadlines in a structural way, RZI Netherlands is free from all future liabilities of contracted FCLs as per contract.

5. Bank charges are always borne by the Client. The amount on the invoice has to be received in full in the RZI bank account.

6. In case RZI does not receive the full amount, the client will still be in debt and will need to fulfil their dues. RZI may charge interest rates for impartial and late payments as per the Dutch law and contemporary interest rates for late payments, which can be around 8% on the total amount due.

Complaints policy

1. Clients are advised to always inspect their goods the moment they arrive at their doorstep. By visual inspection and sampling, most preferably to third party laboratory to conform standard quality parameters.

2.RZI Netherlands is very keen on keeping quality levels high. In the unexpected event of difference in testing results between RZI Netherlands and the Client, we will mutually agree to approach an accredited third party lab and consider their results as final for further decision-making to solve the matter at hand.

3.RZI Netherlands agrees to stay liable for any substandard quality complaints. This is only limited to the extent of invoice value. No exceptions are madeon that in any given conditions. Complaints must be filed within 30 days from delivery date (arrival of goods at the Client’s doorstep).

4.Complaints must be flagged via e-mail only. To file complaints an e-mail with a clear description of the complaints, plus testing reports, pictures and videos must be sent within 30 days after arrival of the goods at the client’s doorstep. Please e-mail us your complaint and attachments to this

5.Complaints filed later than 30 days from arrival of the goods at the Client’s doorstep and complaints filed via other channels than at the correct e-mail address will be waived and not taken into consideration by RZI.

6.In the event of physical purity or other related complaints, standard visuals, close-up pictures of materials together with a video of opening and closing of the packing material (bag) needs to be sent to soonest and no later than 5 working days after flagging the complaint.

7.In the event of serious problems, our (local) RZI representative shall come in person to the Client’s premises and inspect the matter.

8.In the event of returning or replacing rejected seeds, freight costs are to be borne by the Client.

9.Sending back policy: after valid complaint made as above terms, rejected goods that is still in sealed RZI bag, with label can only be returned.

10.Bags without label and with broken seals can not be returned and is not valid for compensation. Seeds used further by clients in whatever ways i.e. processing, treatments etc. is deemed ‘accepted cargo’ by the client and hence is not valid for compensation

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